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> NEWS > Exhibition > COMPUTEX 2022 Kicks off on May 24

COMPUTEX 2022 Kicks off on May 24

COMPUTEX 2022 Trends & Updates was held virtually today. TAITRA announced highlights of the exhibition and invited Matthew Eastwood, Senior Vice President of IDC’s enterprise infrastructure, infrastructure software, infrastructure services, cloud, developer, and alliances research groups to share top tech trends.

The physical COMPUTEX exhibition is back after two years! COMPUTEX 2022 is set to kick off from May 24 to 27 and will revolve around six major themes: Accelerating Intelligence, Connected X-Experience, Digital Resilience, Innovative Computing, Sustainability, and Innovations & Startups. COMPUTEX DigitalGO, a virtual tradeshow platform, also organized by TAITRA, will take place from May 24 to June 6.