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GTK-1800   129-PIECE Home Repair Tool Kit  
  • This GTK-1800 is one of our popular general-purpose tool kit for basic repair around home and offices. This kit includes a 12 IN 1 Screwdriver set with led light, hammer 3 set of pliers, level, measuring tape, electrical tape, wire stripper and cutter, utility knife cutter, set of hex keys and a plastic box of screw and nails. All these comes in a Abs Case black Strip Surface with extruded aluminum frame portable and easy for storage  

GTK-004   7-PIECE Compact Service Tool Kit  
  • 4.1/2 Diagonal cutter, 5-1/4"mini long nose pliers, one (-)3.2x75mm screw driver, one (+)#0x75mm screwdriver, wire cutter/ stripper and a de soldering pump with antistatic tip all these comes in one zipper vinyl case.  

GTK-125   11-PIECE Precision Electronic Basic Tool Kit  

GPL-139   25-PIECE Hobby / Home Tool Set  
  • Precision screwdriver set. Socket set and interchangeable screw bits. Pliers, Cutters and tweezers. Compact carrying bag.  

GTK-2320   Networking Tool Kit  
  • Mobile Phone Tool Kit  
  • Tone Generator& Probe Kit  
  • Digital Multimeter  
  • Modular Crimping Toolfor 8P / 6P  
  • Soldering Iron 30W  
  • Soldering iron Stand  

GTK-2120   Field Service Tool Kit  
  • Digital Multimeter  
  • Soldering Iron 30W  
  • Solder Pen 60/40 15gram  
  • Soldering iron Stand  
  • Desolering Pump  
  • Simple tools: Screwdriver ,Plier , Wire Stripper , Utility Knife  

TTK-6500   Fiber Optic Tool Kit  
  • Supplied tools remove coating, clean and cleave fiber  
  • Use assembly tool to align fibers precisely  
  • High-precision cleavers, stripper, cutter  
  • VFL-VIsible fault locator support CW and 2Hz modulation work  
  • Precision Cable Cutter and Stripper  
  • Simple tools: screwdriver ,Hammer ,Plier ,Wire Stripper ,Tape Measure ,Tweezer  

GTK-1980   Ideal for Hobbiest Hand Work Tool Set  

GTK-306   51-PIECE Electro-Mechancial Tool Kit  

GTK-905   ABS Molded case black color  
  • Size: 490 (L) x 200 (W) X340 (H) mm Material: ABS  

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